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    Engage music mogul Kedar Massenburg in one conversation and you will realize that his mind moves with swift intensity and extreme precision. Speak with him about his company, Massenburg Media, and you’ll find a subtle sense of urgency coded in his voice; his delivery, passionate and confident. He possesses qualities which complement his New York City background; qualities which have catered to his massive success.

    Kedar Massenburg is an idea factory. He was integral to the creation of the group Stetsasonic—after prompting the then-ghostwriter, Daddy-O, to try his hand at rap. In the 90s, he coined the term “neo-soul” and essentially inspired a cultural phenomenon. He birthed the careers of Erykah Badu and D’Angelo and he introduced the world to Kem and India Arie. His ear for talent is matched by his keen eye; and his images have left a deep impression: Erykah’s gele, D’Angelo’s signature braids, a shaved Chico DeBarge. |READ MORE|



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